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My new blog!

Get a blog, they said. It’ll be fun. And there’ll be cookies.

So here I am. Still waiting for the cookies. But hey.

I’ll talk about books, and movies, and TV. You know, the really important things. I’m an historical fantasy author, so if it involves history or fantasy or authoring, chances are I’ll be consuming it.

SAM_1233If you like the same stuff as me – and even if you don’t – this should be fun!

Thanks for visiting! You get a picture of Warkworth Castle on a cloudy day. Because castles are cool, and that’s what the weather in Northumberland is like.

This keep was built by the 1st Earl of Northumberland in the 14th century. This guy was a crony of the eventual Henry IV (at least for a while; this earl was a master turncoat) so a lot of this castle-building business in Northumberland was basically a dick-measuring contest between the earl and John of Gaunt, who’d put up his own castles around the area and needed to be put in his place.